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In January 2014 I retired from practicing family law due to health issues. If you are a former client, please contact me at my address below or send an email to As of now, my telephone number of 619-579-7876 still works but is not yet set to receive messages, so email really is the best way to contact me.

Since I am retired and am on inactive status with the State Bar of California, I am not able to give any legal advice to anyone whatsoever. Please do not contact me via telephone or send me emails with legal questions as I cannot give legal advice and therefore I will not answer them. I encourage those of you with legal questions to conduct a search online to find appropriate counsel.

If you are a former client and would like to make a payment on your account, please send your check to my address on this website. At this time I am not accepting payments via debit or credit card, although I am working towards opening a new merchant account soon. I will update this website and re-activate my debit/credit card payment button when available.


For further information, feel free to call or email Catherine.

& Counselor at Law

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